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Charles Cardot
Charles a 3rd year physics major. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and conducts research in High Energy Particle Physics. He play’s lots of super smash bros, and while he doesn’t own any pets, his girlfriend has a cat that is super cute named Pimento.
Vice President
Martino Stino
Martino is a 3rd year physics major. He’s an American-Egyptian who’s also an active member of the Astronomy Club.
Robin Glefke
Robin is a 4th year Physics major doing a concentration in Astrophysics and a minor in Geophysics. She loves both art and science and has taken fine arts classes at SCAD in France and Atlanta in addition to her physics classes at Tech! She also enjoys spicy memes, backpacking trips, and cold weather.
Jess Eskew
Jessica is a fourth year physics major. She was born and raised in Atlanta and is a third generation Tech legacy. It has always been her dream to study here! She is a part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration researching the detection of gravitational waves. She is also the Vice President of Women in Physics and has a passion for art.
Historian – Spring
Lee Hassenzahl
I am a first-year physics major doing a concentration and research in Astrophysics. She likes to weave, bike, and play roller derby in her free time.
Historian – Fall
Ryan Gemilere
Ryan Is a third-year physics major and is aiming for a German minor with a concentration in astrophysics. He loves music, playing way too many videogames, and Magic the Gathering. As such, he is always down for a game of commander.

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