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Michael Pacocha
Michael is a 3rd year Physics major and CS minor. He is interested in quantum mechanics and does research in solid-state physics. Legend has it he once was a successful athlete, but you couldn’t tell now. He enjoys playing bass and playing smash nowadays.
Vice President
Lee Hassenzahl
Lee is a second-year physics major doing a concentration and research in Astrophysics. She likes to weave, bike, and play roller derby in her free time.
Greg Carroll
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Matthew Barroso
Matt is a 4th year Physics major, CS minor from Warner Robins, GA. He joined SPS a year and a half ago and loves being a part of the community. He works with Professor Taboada on a project for IceCube, a neutrino observatory at the south pole. Last summer he also did an REU at Virginia Tech doing work on a Jefferson Lab electron scattering experiment. He enjoys playing games in his free time and hanging out with his friends and cat (dm me for pictures he’s great).
Abigail Russ
Abigail has been a physics major and part of SPS for 2 years now and hopes to continue with it until she graduates. She is interested in quantum theories and the physics of living systems, and outside of class, she can usually be found in the theater or the art studio!
Robin Glefke
Robin is a 5th year Physics major doing a concentration in Astrophysics and a minor in Geophysics. She loves both art and science and has taken fine arts classes at SCAD in France and Atlanta in addition to her physics classes at Tech! She also enjoys memes, adventurous cooking, backpacking trips, and cold weather.

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