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Pranav Muthukrishnan
Hey! I’m Pranav. I’m a fourth-year physics major doing research in AMO physics. I did an exchange program in Sweden and enjoy traveling, playing video and board games, and watching movies.
Vice President
Nolan Heffner
I’m Nolan, a second-year double majoring in physics and mathematics. I spend my free time playing chess, running around excitedly, and enjoying the weather.
Corinne Hill
I’m Corinne, a third-year physics major with an astrophysics concentration doing research in nuclear engineering and particle physics. I’m also the secretary of the GT Astronomy Club and social chair of ANS. I love playing in the marching band for football games, spending time with friends, painting banners, stargazing, and walking around campus.
Antonina (Tonya) Melnikova
Hiya! My name is Tonya, and I am a third-year physics major. While I’m interested in the more engineery side of medical physics, you can often find me studying topology of bacteria! Otherwise, I love eating food and making bracelets (:
Harshi Brahmbhatt
Harshi is a second year at GaTech perusing a physics major and sociology minor. Currently, she’s interested in astronomy but is open to exploring other fields. She also loves to paint, read, and travel.

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