Spark, Spin Freeze is a group of demos that the SPS gives at various events. We have attended family science nights at elementary schools and middle schools to teach students about the wonders of physics! We also sometimes give this demo at our Physics Field Day event in the spring.




Do you wonder about static electricity? Have you ever seen a plasma? In Spark, we’ll make your hair stand up when we bring out our Van de Graaff generator. We’ll shock bananas and light up light bulbs with a Tesla coil, and we can launch conductive materials across the room using only the power of electromagnetism!



How can ice skaters spin so quickly? Why do I lean outward when I turn my car? Interact firsthand with the concept of angular momentum in Spin! We will show you how the fact that angular momentum is a ‘conserved quantity’ creates unusual behaviors in massive objects…and even yourself!



To us, the surface of the sun in unthinkably hot; to liquid nitrogen, the air we breathe is just as hot! Find out what happens when you supercool objects like balloons, flowers, and even magnets in our freeze demo. You will discover how superconductors function and what keeps a balloon inflated!


If you have an event you think would benefit from our presence, give us an email!