The undergraduate physics major is a springboard to a broad range of fields, ranging from academic research, in physics, chemistry, nuclear engineering, etc. to direct industry application as an engineer, data analysis, developmental research, material science, etc.

The most difficult parts are knowing where to look and understanding how to effectively market such a flexible skillset. To assist with the former, below are some lists of options that students interested in physics are encouraged to explore. These lists get updated regularly with time-sensitive applications and scholarship opportunities.

Time Sensitive Resources

Below is a list of references that change and expire as we add them. Please be aware that these resources may only be available for a week or two.

  • There is an info session on March 8 at 10:30am in Howey S107, led by Dr. Elizabeth Auden from the LANL Intelligence and Space Research Division discussing internships for both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as regular full-time employment positions that are available at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Physics majors are specifically encouraged to apply!
  • Per Sven Behrens: Syensqo is the exploratory arm of the big chemical company Solvay that was recently split off as a separate company and has a research facility in Alpharetta, GA where the announced internships will be carried out for 12 weeks this coming summer. They have an array of physics majors among their full-time researchers, who recommend the company as a great place for physicists to work. See the link below for more information on a polymer physics intern position.
  • The DeShaw group, known for managing assets and investments, is accepting applications for their summer 2025 discretionary investing and Strategy & Business Development intern teams. They have asked us to pass this information along. Below are links to learn more about the open positions and what they entail.

Standing Resources

Below is a list of references that should be semi-permanent. Applications and opportunities are not always open, but STEM majors should be aware they exist.

  • The Georgia Tech Research Institute hires internships yearly on a variety of projects that offer something to a wide array of STEM students, especially physics students. It is a great way to get a major-applicable summer job that allows you to remain on-campus and perform simultaneous research in a Howey lab
  • The Atlanta Undergraduate Research Mathematics Seminar (AURMS) is a seminar series hosted by undergraduate students for undergraduate students. Although only really applicable to more mathematical students, it is a great way to explore research options or, on the delivering end, learn to present research material.
  • This list will be greatly expanded by April 2024.

Outdated Resources

Below is a list of Time-Sensitive Resources which are old and therefore outdated. We will archive them below in the event that they become useful standing resources. Peruse them at your leisure.

  • No resources have as of yet become outdated.