Ok so this is a physics club, so what. Well, the SPS has great outreach activities, field trips, connections, and great fun! Follow each of the links below to delve deeper into the opportunities available to you as a physics major and a member of SPS.


If you love physics and learning, share that love with others! The SPS frequently gets requests from schools and other organizations to teach children (and adults) about the joys of science. As such, we have created a group of physics-related activities to teach the fundamentals of what we do every day. Additionally, we host an annual competition (with cash prizes!) for high school students to test their knowledge of physics and introduce the public to our department.



Don’t believe physics can really be fun? Already super excited about what we do and what more? Check us out with your own eyes, courtesy of the SPS historian and photographer. Then, when you are convinced of how awesome SPS is, check our calendar of events to get involved! You can also join our newsletter to stay updated.