From research to study materials to break time, we have some stuff we hope might help you. This list was greatly supplemented by the Georgia Tech Society of Women in Physics – whom you should also check out!

AP Physics Exam

The Georgia Tech SPS hosts a Physics Field Day event every year in late spring, just before the AP Physics Exam. The event includes a written exam portion intended to replicate the AP Physics Exam (and even be a little harder). Old exams are posted for use. We think it is great practice for the test, so check it out on our info page and sign up!


CUWiP – This is the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics dedicated to diversity within physics (and focused on but not just for women). It is a great opportunity to meet people from other universities! There will be experts who talk about research, status of WiP, grad school, etc.  You may also apply to present your own research.

APS – This is the American Physical Society. Be sure you become a member for your first attendance as it is free for undergraduates for one year; after that, the fees are small. Focus on the two largest meetings in March and April. The conference is a huge gathering of some of the best physicists in the world with special sessions for undergraduates with free stuff (but you should still attend the talks!).

Member Resources

Undergraduate Research Panel – Our Undergraduate Research Panel complied some useful information for applying for research positions, jobs, internships, and funding! Some resources include cold email templates, sample resumes, sample personal statements, and more. Explore and apply to opportunities today!

Other Organizations

Georgia Tech Society of Women in Physics – Our wonderful sister organization! They have great study resources, research info, and events of their own. They have regular gatherings in the Howey Interaction Zone on Tuesdays at 11am called Coffee and Conversations.

Georgia Tech Astronomy Club – For those who are particularly interested in Astrophysics, definitely check out the Astronomy club. They frequently go to the Fernbank Science Center, on weekend stargazing trips, and even work with our Observatory in Howey.  They meet Mondays at 7:30 pm in Howey L3.