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2020 March Meeting – Talent Show

We has so amazingly talented people come out and show us their talents! Riley and Aradhya showed us their amazing guitar skills, and Jack sang us a song and played a soothing original composition. Martino gave us a glimpse of his talents and explained the democratic primaries to us in under minutes. Lee showcased her weaving, and Robin showed off her amazing art and sculptures!

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2020 Proton Accelerator Tour

We don’t always have to go far away to see cool physics labs. Right here in Atlanta we have our very own proton accelerator at the Emory Proton Center! There they use protons to treat cancer since these particles uniquely deposit larger amounts of energy the less kinetic energy they have. This means the treatment does less damage to surrounding tissue than others. So many students came out that were interested in medical physics, they were lucky to be able to speak to real medical physicist and we even learned of internship opportunities for the attendees! The coolest part of the tour was seeing the gantry the beam enters the room on, there were multiple very powerful dipole and quadrupole magnets along the beam-line, what a treat.

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2020 Explore

We had SO MANY people come out to help with the explore event. This activity is an opportunity for current members to tell prospective students about Georgia Tech and promote SPS. We bring out cool demos and call on students to interact with them. We even had people from SWIP come with us to represent themselves!

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2020 January Meeting – Oobleck

For our first meeting after returning from break we created the non-newtonian fluid, Ooobleck, from water and corn starch! It hardens when large force is applied and acts like a liquid when little force is applied to it. We were even able to observe standing waves forming in the fluid by placing it over a speaker.

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2019 Professor Debate

We had six professors debate the topic, “Do we live in a simulation.” Thank you to Mary Conklin – Psychology, Gregory Turk – Computer Science, Predrag Citanovic – Physics, Zeb Rocklin – Physics, Hans Klein – Philosophy, and Santosh Vampali – Computer Science for giving their time to share their opinions with us students! Citanovic proved to be an interesting addition to the debate and provided ample physics shenanigans.