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2020 Explore

We had SO MANY people come out to help with the explore event. This activity is an opportunity for current members to tell prospective students about Georgia Tech and promote SPS. We bring out cool demos and call on students to interact with them. We even had people from SWIP come with us to represent themselves!

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During EXPLORE, SPS students show off our cool toys and trips to prospective Georgia Tech students. Many current members were originally introduced to the club through this very event! Three of the newly elected officers for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, Charles Cardot, Martino Stino, and Robin Glefke, were present with a guest appearance by senior SPS outreach participant, Sam Wiley. Two other members, Vivian Romero and Stacy Wood were at the event presenting their research posters. We were able to even recruit a few students to participate in Physics Field Day next weekend!

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2019 Spark Spin Freeze – Morningside Elementary

The SPS has been giving demonstrations to Morningside Elementary’s science night for many years now! Previous president, Vivian Romero, and Outreach Committee Chair, Charles Cardot, lead the new wave of SPS outreach members, Lauren Prinn, Martino Stino, John Lewis, Chesson Sipling, and Somil Joshi. The kinds of demonstrations we bring have changed only slightly; we now have more because the demo room has been better organized by the kindness of Andrea Welsh, a Physics Grad Student.

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2019 Spark Spin Freeze – The New School

This semester has been incredibly active for our outreach committee! The New School in Atlanta is just one of many new places we are beginning to give demonstrations to. It is also important for our graduating members, like CJ Llorente, to pass along the torch of outreach to others, Liam Regan, Karthik Yadavalli, and Charles Cardot

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2018 Spark Spin Freeze – Step into STEM

Georgia Tech hosted an event to educate students in K-12 about the fun you can have in STEM fields! The SPS was invited and brought along our Spark, Spin, Freeze demos as well as a bunch of friends and had a blast. It was very exciting to see old members, like CJ Llorente, that will be graduating soon pass along the torch of one of the SPS’s pillars: outreach. It is looking like sophomore members Charles Cardot and Martino Stino will be major additions to future SPS outreach endeavors!