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2020 Rocky Mountain Pizza Trivia Fundraiser

We reached out to Rocky Mountain Pizza, a Georgia Tech staple, to partner for a trivia fundraiser. Five percent of proceeds from the night will go to us, and a TON of people were there. We got pizza and macaroni bites, but unfortunately sucked at trivia. We got 12th place, …

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2020 Smash Tournament

Another year, another Smash Tournament! We hosted a Super Smash Bros. tournament to raise money for the club and all our wonderful activities! Martino, John Lewis, and rest of the Smash Tournament Committee worked hard for two months to advertise it and put it on. We had a TON of …

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2019 Professor Debate

We had six professors debate the topic, “Do we live in a simulation.” Thank you to Mary Conklin – Psychology, Gregory Turk – Computer Science, Predrag Citanovic – Physics, Zeb Rocklin – Physics, Hans Klein – Philosophy, and Santosh Vampali – Computer Science for giving their time to share their opinions with us students! Citanovic proved to be an interesting addition to the debate and provided ample physics shenanigans.

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2019 SPS/SWiP Ice Cream Social

This years ice cream social was a huge success, many members new and old gathered together to eat delicious ice cream. Professor Martin Mourigal showed up of course and stole the show with a demonstration of superconductivity with some of the materials he makes in his lab. Thank you to everyone who participated, over 120 people came out!

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2019 SPS Cookout

This year’s department cookout was a great success! We had hot dogs and burgers and even mac and cheese. The capri-suns were a surprising hit. Thank you so much to graduating seniors to Douglas Stewart and Trey Schieper for organizing it. Thank you to Liam Regan, TJ Morietti, and Robin Glefke for manning the grills; also to Martino Stino, and Damon Griffin for lending a hand. At the end of the day, freshmen Paige and Yorick pulled out the cotton candy machine and tried their best at it (it was moderately sucessful)!

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2019 SPS Formal

Formal this year was absolutely amazing! Our committee team put together beautiful decorations and food. We said goodbye to the seniors and it was terribly sad, but we will keep in touch, of course. Traditionally graduating members sign a pillar in our lounge, but we have been around long enough that it is full! We then got creative and had the seniors sign a ceiling tile instead. Goodbye notes were written to all the graduates and paper plate awards handed out as well. Festivities ended with a tour of the Howey Observatory. Here’s to old friends and new traditions.

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2019 Smash Tournament

Something new the SPS tried this semester, under the leadership of amazing fundraising chair Martino Stino, was a smash tournament fundraiser. It was a SMASHing success! The top rankings are as follows: PM Singles – 1st Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie, 2nd Ben Kalziqi, 3rd Aradhya Rajanala; Melee Doubles – 1st Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie/Tristan …

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2018 December Meeting – White Elephant

In traditional fashion, the SPS got together before the end of the semester, and before finals, to decompress and spend time together performing shenanigans. The gifts were pretty hilarious: Samus brought a giant can of beans, Vivian Romero brought yarn (stolen three times!), Tony Aportela brought a box of things from his childhood. CJ Llorente gave the gift of knowledge in his old PDF textbooks. There was lots of candy and money. Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie also brought a bunch of squash. Most importantly, the new gatekeeper of the SPS was named…Paige! Allover it was a fantastic time and we laughed and laughed at each other’s terribly ridiculous gifts. Until next year…

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2018 November Meeting – Murder in Howey

For the spooky season, the SPS played a game called Murder in Howey (lovingly named by our past members). The game is like a mixture of tag and mafia: there are two secret murderers who walk/run around the halls of Howey with us regular players while trying to pick us off one by one…..