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2019 PhysCon – Providence

It only comes every four years: PHYSCON! Officers Robin Glefke and Jess Eskew worked hard to organize this trip all the way from Atlanta to Providence, RI. In total ten students attended and in turn got to miss a few days of class. They were able to take tours of Brown, Harvard, and MIT, attend speakers from the field, and even have a specially catered lunch with field professionals. One of the most exciting parts of the trip was definitely corraling that many people across the country; we took a cab, then a train, then a bus to get to our destination and back. On the return, one of the attendees, Krish Tibrewala, almost didn’t make it back! How terrifying!

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2019 SPS Fall Trip

We had so much fun in Huntsville this fall. We got a tour of their plasma labs thanks to a personal connection from secretary Robin Glefke. New member Xandy Xiamecki was also able to get us a meeting with various faculty since he is a recent transfer from the UHA. Lunch in their student center proved GT’s dining halls far inferior! We also took a tour of the Marshall Space Flight Center and found out one of our members, historian Ryan Gemeliere, went to space camp here and was featured on the center’s walls and in a documentary about space camp! Wow. This was also the first trip where we decided to stay at an AirBNB and it was SO NICE. Never again will we slum it in cheap motels. We finished the trip with a dinner together at this wonderful hole-in-the-wall pizza place with excellent garlic knots.

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2019 SPS/SWiP Ice Cream Social

This years ice cream social was a huge success, many members new and old gathered together to eat delicious ice cream. Professor Martin Mourigal showed up of course and stole the show with a demonstration of superconductivity with some of the materials he makes in his lab. Thank you to everyone who participated, over 120 people came out!

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2019 SPS Cookout

This year’s department cookout was a great success! We had hot dogs and burgers and even mac and cheese. The capri-suns were a surprising hit. Thank you so much to graduating seniors to Douglas Stewart and Trey Schieper for organizing it. Thank you to Liam Regan, TJ Morietti, and Robin Glefke for manning the grills; also to Martino Stino, and Damon Griffin for lending a hand. At the end of the day, freshmen Paige and Yorick pulled out the cotton candy machine and tried their best at it (it was moderately sucessful)!

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2019 SPS Formal

Formal this year was absolutely amazing! Our committee team put together beautiful decorations and food. We said goodbye to the seniors and it was terribly sad, but we will keep in touch, of course. Traditionally graduating members sign a pillar in our lounge, but we have been around long enough that it is full! We then got creative and had the seniors sign a ceiling tile instead. Goodbye notes were written to all the graduates and paper plate awards handed out as well. Festivities ended with a tour of the Howey Observatory. Here’s to old friends and new traditions.

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During EXPLORE, SPS students show off our cool toys and trips to prospective Georgia Tech students. Many current members were originally introduced to the club through this very event! Three of the newly elected officers for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, Charles Cardot, Martino Stino, and Robin Glefke, were present with a guest appearance by senior SPS outreach participant, Sam Wiley. Two other members, Vivian Romero and Stacy Wood were at the event presenting their research posters. We were able to even recruit a few students to participate in Physics Field Day next weekend!

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2019 March Meeting – Officer Elections

Elections! We always have really good runs during elections, and this year was no different. There were FOUR people running for president. It is super exciting to see such high participation in the club. Our elected officers are as follows: President – Charles Cardot, Vice President – Martino Stino, Secretary – Robin Glefke, Treasurer – Jess Eskew, Historian – Ryan Gemilere. Congratulations everyone! Let’s have a great year.