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2020 March Meeting – Talent Show

We has so amazingly talented people come out and show us their talents! Riley and Aradhya showed us their amazing guitar skills, and Jack sang us a song and played a soothing original composition. Martino gave us a glimpse of his talents and explained the democratic primaries to us in under minutes. Lee showcased her weaving, and Robin showed off her amazing art and sculptures!

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2020 January Meeting – Oobleck

For our first meeting after returning from break we created the non-newtonian fluid, Ooobleck, from water and corn starch! It hardens when large force is applied and acts like a liquid when little force is applied to it. We were even able to observe standing waves forming in the fluid by placing it over a speaker.

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2019 SPS/SWiP Ice Cream Social

This years ice cream social was a huge success, many members new and old gathered together to eat delicious ice cream. Professor Martin Mourigal showed up of course and stole the show with a demonstration of superconductivity with some of the materials he makes in his lab. Thank you to everyone who participated, over 120 people came out!

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2019 March Meeting – Officer Elections

Elections! We always have really good runs during elections, and this year was no different. There were FOUR people running for president. It is super exciting to see such high participation in the club. Our elected officers are as follows: President – Charles Cardot, Vice President – Martino Stino, Secretary – Robin Glefke, Treasurer – Jess Eskew, Historian – Ryan Gemilere. Congratulations everyone! Let’s have a great year.

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2018 December Meeting – White Elephant

In traditional fashion, the SPS got together before the end of the semester, and before finals, to decompress and spend time together performing shenanigans. The gifts were pretty hilarious: Samus brought a giant can of beans, Vivian Romero brought yarn (stolen three times!), Tony Aportela brought a box of things from his childhood. CJ Llorente gave the gift of knowledge in his old PDF textbooks. There was lots of candy and money. Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie also brought a bunch of squash. Most importantly, the new gatekeeper of the SPS was named…Paige! Allover it was a fantastic time and we laughed and laughed at each other’s terribly ridiculous gifts. Until next year…

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2018 November Meeting – Murder in Howey

For the spooky season, the SPS played a game called Murder in Howey (lovingly named by our past members). The game is like a mixture of tag and mafia: there are two secret murderers who walk/run around the halls of Howey with us regular players while trying to pick us off one by one…..

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2018 September Meeting – Martin Mourigal Talk

One of our very own professors gave a talk on his research this last meeting! Dr. Martin Mourigal shows our members his lab here after speaking about the collective electronic and magnetic phenomena in quantum materials his group studies. A member, Zak Kennedy also works in Dr. Mourigal’s lab growing crystals to be used in neutron experiments at Oak Ridge National Labs in Tennessee.

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2018 August Meeting – Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream

A new event this year, the ice cream social was inspired by Georgia Tech’s own Society of Women in Physics. Professor Martin Mourigal bought the club a huge canister of liquid nitrogen which to make lots of ice cream. By the time everyone had ice cream, the tank wasn’t yet depleted and we couldn’t store it anywhere so it had to be used up. We spontaneously found other things like cookies and hot dogs to freeze until it was all gone. One of our cold concoctions was a ‘cold stir fry’, what a time!