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2018 SPS Cookout

This year, the annual SPS cookout was a great success! The planning committee decided to add some extra excitement buy putting on a BBQ competition between some of the people in the department; apparently they had been boasting about their great skill. Well the SPS saw that they were tested – without a curve, no less. Professors Edwin Greco, Michael Chapman, and Nepomuk Otte competed and…..professor Michael Chapman won! The SPS presented the first place winner with a plaque, but one of the judges – professor Morigal handed out his own prizes; first place received a white onion, second place received a yellow onion, and third place a shallot! We hope this competition becomes a permanent part of the annual cookout!

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2018 Spring Trip – Philadelphia and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

This year for the Spring Trip, SPS went to Philly! While in Philadelphia we went to The Franklin Institute as a group, then we all split off into separate groups to explore the city. Some people went to the art museum, some went to see the liberty bell, and some went to the park and found…occult things. The next day we all went to the Princeton Plasma Physics lab and saw stellarators and fusion chambers. unfortunately the trip was cut short because an incredible snow storm swept across the northeast and we fled home to Georgia as quickly as possible to avoid being trapped.

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2018 March Meeting – Quantum Werewolf

At this meeting, SPS member and Historian, Robin Glefke, suggested we play a game called quantum werewolf! This game is like mafia or werewolf (whichever name you are more familiar with) except your role in the game is in a quantum superposition of all roles in the game. As soon as a player ‘dies,’ their role is determined and can in turn affect other players status! Overall it was incredibly confusing and complicated, but a load of fun. The command line executable we used to play the game can be found here: http://my.fit.edu/~wellsm2011/qwolf/” rel=”noreferrer nofollow”>my.fit.edu/~wellsm2011/qwolf/

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2018 February Meeting – Physics Jeopardy

At this meeting, former president, Alex Buser, put together a game of Physics Jeopardy for us to play! Unfortunately, the links for questions in the jeopardy power-point were all messed up; each time someone chose a question it was a surprise to see what they actually got. This also lead to scuffles over whether the originally chosen number of points or the displayed points would be awarded – rampant cheating prevailed. In the end, the group “Aaradhya and the Ladies” won by a large margin – completely fair and square as well. Go girls!